Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Facebook Stuffs Notifications with more Information

Facebook is altering its Facebook notifications to include other things that it thinks you might be interested in. It is now beginning to cram other information such as sports scores, movie times, nearby restaurants, as well as news updates. Clearly, Facebook is attempting to replicate Google’s ‘Now’ service, which offers similar services, and is even copying the same term, “cards”.

This goes without saying, but the emergence of more alerts has enormous commercial and digital marketing potential. The alerts can be used to inform users of potential restaurants or shopping deals nearby based on their location. Companies will surely be willing to pay huge amounts of money to market on this platform that is home to over a billion users. Furthermore, I find the use of notifications as less intrusive and annoying to consumers than the current outright marketing on a person’s news feed. Users can instead select the type of notifications, or ‘cards’, they wish to receive without having to see it in their more personalized news feeds.

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