Monday, October 05, 2015

Look into the essence of digital marketing

The essence of digital marketing is the same as that of traditional marketing, which is about understanding the consumers and change their consumption behavior. The key difference between digital and non-digital is efficiency, relevance and accuracy. But we could not default that digital marketing is mighty.  That being said, we should be even more careful when we design, plan and implement the digital marketing approaches, demonstrated by the debunk of the 15 myths in the article.

- The budge of SEO should be tracked and reallocated basing on timely performance.
- Digital marketing provides us more data, but it cannot replace people's insight.
- The choice of digital marketing approach should be situational according to the business needs.
- The impact digital marketing places on consumers is huge. Forecast how the consumers would be influenced and evolve is critical to innovate digital marketing.


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