Tuesday, October 06, 2015

MikMak is the Smartphone Based Reinvention of Yesteryear's Infomercial

MikMak, the first mobile video shopping network, combine entertainment, powerful content, and the functionality of the Home Shopping Network to take mobile shopping to the next level. Consumers are able to make purchases purely through video-based content. Dubbed minimercials, these 30-second long videos created and hosted by MikMak bring humor and an experiential component to the mobile shopping experience, capitalizing on the shift in consumer preferences away from transaction-based purchases to seamlessly integrated retail experiences.

AdAge.com (http://adage.com/article/digital/a-frontier-branded-content-mobile-infomercials/300743/), discusses MikMak's latest brand partnerships. Companies/Brands have begun partnering with MakMik to sponsor these minimercials. MikMak maintains creative control over the videos to protect the authenticity of the content; however, sponsorships represent an equity exchange between the app the brands that indicates corporations are focusing on new forms of digital marketing to keep up with their consumers' changing shopping behaviors and media preferences.

Recent corporate sponsors include American Express, GE, Oxygen, and the snacking powerhouse Mondelez International. All are using their MikMak sponsorships to drive relevance with elusive millennials and members of Gen Z.

- Olympia Portale

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