Sunday, October 25, 2015

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Creating or distributing content with influencers starts a conversation with a built-in audience. “Five to 10 percent of social media users are responsible for 60 to 80 percent of influence”. Source: NinjaMetrics. It is a strategy that is increasing over the years; in 2015:
  • “84 percent of marketers planned to include it in their strategy.
  • 47 percent considering the strategy “very effective,” and 34 considering it “somewhat effective.”
  • 22 percent said it's their top customer acquisition tool.

 If you want to reach your target you have to:
  • Ask yourself: who does your target listen to?
  • Do research identify influencers
  • Secure their partnership
  • Develop campaigns through their platform to their audience

But, you have to be careful. Influencers care about their brand and their fans. So, you want to reach fans that are potentially interested in your product. Moreover, you have to find influencers whose personal brand and fan interests match your company’s.

In conclusion, some recommendations to find the right influencer are:
  1. Focus on engagement rather than the number of followers. Also, the platform the influencer uses is key for your customers’ engagement. If your consumers are more into Instagram, find an influencer at this platform.
  2. The influencer has to be fan of the brand. It is important to have brand believers influencers, because their fans will know when they are being used as a marketing strategy.
  3. Be creative and try to meet halfway. Goals are different between influencers and brands.
  4. No one-night stands. It is important to build relationships with influencers, both the brand and the influencer would feel better working together and the audience will be more engaged.

Sources: General Assembly, NinjaMetrics, AdWeek.

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