Saturday, February 25, 2017

AI Stylist

We've all seen the "Customers who purchased this item also looked at these:" adverts. This is a very basic strategy on the surface, but could be aided by AI to more intelligently recommend items to each shopper uniquely. Propulse Analytics has set out to do just this for ecommerce. A fuller description of Propulse: 

"Billed as ‘the most advanced independent e-commerce purchase prediction tool in existence,’ Propulse was founded by former Saks Fifth Ave executives, and combines deep learning, image analysis, and a proprietary Purchase Path Neural Network to attract shoppers and multiply earnings."

Another strong point made by the above article is 87% of shoppers say their choices are influenced by in-store associates. If this technology could help buyers find what they truly want with smart recommendations it could serve to create higher cart totals for sellers, as well as bring more value to consumers. 

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