Monday, February 20, 2017

Publishers to the Rescue

Last month the Proctor & Gamble Chief Brand Officer called for clean up of the digital advertising supply chain for cleaner marketplaces, ad tracking and less waste for advertisers. This AdAge article outlines the response to this call by premium publishers through their trade group, DCN.

Premium publishers argue:

  • advertising with high-quality websites is one way out of the digital mess
  • DCN member companies have low bot rates at less than 3% (can be up to 30%)
  • all companies should adopt "MRC accredited, third-party measurement verification" for transparency into ad spending as publishers have
  • their launch of TrustX, a premium private marketplace designed to provide trusted advertising makes them the best partners

This may be compelling for advertisers looking to simplify and looking for trust as opposed to a primary focus on eyeballs and the efficiency of automated buying.

More interesting are the possible repercussions if more advertisers follow suit. If advertisers use less automated buying by focusing on premium publishers, they will be supporting less fake news sites because they currently don't or can't control where their digital ads run. The more advertisers change their buying behavior, there will be fewer financial benefits and therefore ideally less demand for creating fake news. (Politics unfortunately untouched.)

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