Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Trump Effect on Digital Marketing

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, the media is aflutter with stories about rejected ads.  In one particular example, Fox rejected an ad by 84 Lumber, which featured a border wall, for being too political.  The newly revised ad, which was accepted for broadcast on Sunday, now shows text that guides viewers to watch the original ad: “See the conclusion at”. 

In the same week, Tech giants including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Uber, have been working together on a letter opposing President Trump’s controversial travel ban. The president’s actions have driven big businesses to publicize their stance on the issue.

Not sure if you see what I’m getting at, but I suppose I am wondering what this means for digital advertisers...  There is clearly a trend developing in ads against the backdrop of a highly charged, polarized political climate in the United States (and a global reaction).  While traditional media platforms  – like broadcast television – have long had policies in place, and regulatory bodies – like the FCC – to guide them on acceptable content for public viewing, are digital platforms entering uncharted waters?

For digital platforms that have taken a public stance on the issues, what role will they play in permitting digital ad content that expresses opposing views? And if they do play a role, (e.g. only allowing content agreeing with the platforms’ political views) are we now facing an increasingly segmented digital content environment?

Waiting with bated breath to see how this all plays out...

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