Friday, February 03, 2017

Super Bowl Budget, for Digital

What if your digital marketing budget was inline with Super Bowl advertising? Adage tried to breakdown some comparison on how this might look and it's pretty interesting. This year, 30 seconds costs $5 million during the Super Bowl. What could one do with just 30 seconds worth of Super Bowl time?

"For $5 million, you would get a direct sales team at Facebook, and a custom package. And, of course, you'd get boatloads of targeting. Still, this gets to the power of Facebook's massive scale, and the reason we should be treating it like a grown-up."

They chose a very wide audience to target with this budget and found they could reach 5 million people everyday, for 11 months. They can utilize a variety f content methods, and get a dedicated team at Facebook to assist through the whole campaign. As the article points out, it may lack the water cooler opportunity that the Super Bowl has, but anything in your campaign that goes viral and is shared voluntarily by people is all gravy.

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