Friday, February 17, 2017

Does more Facebook help or hurt?

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a renewed mission statement for Facebook - kind of. He goes into great detail about the reinforced commitment to create a social infrastructure that brings people together and connects the world. He has an emphasis on creating supportive, safe, informed, civically engaged, and inclusive communities within Facebook.
There were many positive reactions and also hesitant/negative reactions to this statement, one of which was done by WIRED. One statement stuck out to me in the WIRED article: "To keep your attention, Facebook tries to figure out what you want and shows you more of it. It’s optimized for engagement...". The WIRED article seemed to think Facebook over-tailored and optimized the content for users and in fact this renewed mission is more challenging to craft than currently stated.

This made me think about our digital marketing class and how many new marketing campaigns are very focused on showing you what you want to see to increase engagement and not necessarily something outside of your comfort zone that would make you think differently about how you use a product or go on your next adventure. I'm curious to see how many marketing campaigns are taking a new approach to gathering users outside of their comfort zone and exposing them to more than just what they want to see.

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