Saturday, February 25, 2017

More Brands are testing Facebook's pricey live video ads

This article from digiday yesterday brings up a topic we discussed in class yesterday on video advertising and the evolution to live video ads and Facebook Live. 

Live video ads takes us full circle and as I see it is just an evolution of what has been around since the mid-20th century: TV commercials. 

This is a positive sign for digital because if consumers are adopting live formats on digital, then consequently digital publishers may be able to benefit from transitioning their advertising from the expensive prices of TV advertising. For instance, Jose Cuervo posted a video on FacebookLive for National Tequila Day and by using Facebook's targeted, pre-determined audience amassed almost 140k views. 

This makes me wonder about the either the morph of TV and Digital ad purchases, or at least the consolidation of the two. As it currently stands, media teams divide them into two separate items with two completely different teams working on the ad buys. However, if the same 30 second video spot is running on TV as it is on digital, then ad buyers could find efficiencies by implementing a cross-platform strategy. 

The article also mentions that FacebookLive is a pricey way to advertise, however brands benefit from this mode of advertising, as opposed to TV commercials, because they are able to grow their ability to target video spots in a way TV isn't able to do. FacebookLive enables brands to target not just based on demographics like age, but also on geography, which is becoming a huge part of search. If you're a restaurant in a specific location and have a promotion going on, FacebookLive would enable you to run a targeted live video ad to a targeted group of potential customers in that area. WOW!!!

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