Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Will Too Many Influencers Change the Game?

The following article is about Dovetail, a marketing platform that allows smaller businesses to gain access to influencer marketing previously only available to larger companies.


The platform provides small business with the ability to search influencers by region, number of followers, demographics, similar image uploads etc. It also provides metrics for the user to then track how their posts are performing.

I will admit that I didn't fully appreciate the significance of influencer marketing, where apparently influencers can be paid up to $100k per post, until reading this and a few other articles. This seems like a great business idea although the economics will likely be affected when anyone with 1000 followers can begin to get paid for their posts. Seeing as large businesses are the only ones with the means to currently access influencers, once those barriers comes down, there will inevitably be an increase in supply which may threaten the success such influencers for brands have had to date. Either way, from Dovetail's position there appears to be huge near term potential for the idea and I assume they will do quite well. The real question is how big of a role influencers will play in the future.

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