Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Avoid Disruptive Digital Marketing Techniques

While there are many ways to annoy consumers by using disruptive digital marketing techniques, a CNBC article mentioned the following three that create negative feelings among consumers towards brands:

Retargeting: in this type of online targeted advertisement, consumers are targeted based on their online actions. For instance, once a consumer visits an advertiser’s website, a cookie is placed in the consumer’s browser. This allows the advertiser to “follow” the consumer on the Internet and display ads on different websites via ad exchange.

 Pre-roll advertising: displays ads before playing the video consumer wants to watch. These are typically 15-30 seconds long clips that play before the content a user wants to watch.

Screen invasion: ad pops up on the article or website and the users are forced to close the ad in order to get to the content.

Advertising has always been intrusive to some degree but the above techniques should be used with caution. Used inappropriately, it can destroy the trust consumers have in a brand. 


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