Saturday, February 25, 2017

Children Targets of Junk Food Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed the way most companies reach their target market. For the most part, the benefits of digital marketing have been positive for both retailers and consumers. However, New Zealand health professors would disagree. They're suggesting advertising codes have been ignored, and fast food restaurants are targeting children, which has lead to adverse health effects including high rates of childhood obesity. They've used website marketing, which includes free downloadable items, promotional characters, and advert-linked gaming, to successfully target and reach children.

I agree with the New Zealand health professors. While profits are often the primary focus of large retailers and companies, there needs to be strict regulations in place to protect the consumer. Whether it's tobacco or food, governments need to make sure that they have strict regulations in place in order to protect consumers, but they need to make sure they enforce them as well. This article is a great example of how digital marketing has taken over and taken advantage of consumers.

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