Friday, February 03, 2017

Research argues how brands can benefit through subtitling adverts

Have you ever been sitting in class scrolling through your phone and a video ad pops up? Or how YouTube surfing and the video ad plays before you can watch the main video? Do you mute it so you don't have to really watch it? In both instances muting the video ad could be advantageous to the viewer so you don't get caught in class or can somewhat "skip" the video ad on YouTube.

The attached article below describes research done by AdColony and Kantar Millward Brown that shows that brands can benefit by adding subtitles to their videos. This makes a ton of sense to me because I can think of countless times I've watching a video ad or a clip of a video ad and its been on mute. As the consumer, I lose a lot of the message of the video because I am not listening to it. If the visuals of the ad are strong then some of the message will still come across.

The study looked at subtitled & non-subtitled versions of ads from Bose, Disney, Sony Pictures and Volvo and found that subtitled creatives for movie & entertainment campaigns found a 9.9% uplift in brand awareness in subtitled ads, and some ads had as much as 26% boost when it came to intent to purchase in subtitled ads.

The study has left some open doors and more research will be done in the near future, but for now the details are pretty compelling... Bring on the subtitles!!

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