Saturday, February 04, 2017

Digital Marketing and Virtual Reality

Forbes magazine article, How Virtual Reality Can Revolutionize Digital Marketing, had an interesting example on how Golden State Warriors used VR as one of the tools to lure Kevin Durant to San Francisco. Using VR goggles, the representatives of the team showed Durant footage of San Francisco, team practice and the coach addressing the team.

VR is an emerging technology. It will have a profound impact on digital marketing. When VR and artificial  intelligence (AI) begin to gain critical mass, customers will expect a significantly high quality of experience. In coming months, marketers will do a lot of experimentation. Successful companies will have to experiment a lot, fail fast and embrace agile development in order to leapfrog past the initial stages.

A potential application of VR is for a hotel salesperson to show future bride and groom how their wedding day would look like. Another interesting example is to take a shopper of  car on a virtual test drive.


How Virtual Reality Can Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Digital Marketing

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