Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Slack Hacks

Loved the article by Fast Company today listing 5 Slack Hacks you can use to be more productive.  As a user of Slack for work projects it is always a challenge to stay up-to-date on all of the feeds.  I’ll be using these hacks to help:
  • “All Unreads” – all the messages I haven’t read from all the channels in once place.  Perfect to catch up on any chatter that has happened in off hours or while I was in meetings. (And I can tap “r” to mark everything as read.)
  • Reading all my mentions – Clicking the @ button in the top right shows me all the reactions and comments to my posts – which is something easy to scan as I’m updating content for the project
  • Keyboard shortcuts!  Here is my favorite: “Open all Unreads” : CMD+Shift+A or CTRL+Shift+A, and “Open conversation Search Box” : CMD+T or CTRL+T
  •  Get notified only when I want to – I don’t want to be notified of every post, but some I do.  So, I can go in and set up “Highlight Words” to notify me in case of a particular conversation or reference.  In Notification settings, add a list a words.

Slack is rapidly replacing email as our work project tool of choice.  Missing conversations and constant notifications pull focus, however, when I’m in meetings.  These hacks will help manage the onslaught of conversation – especially those I may not need to weigh in on.

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