Saturday, February 04, 2017

Super Bowl Ads - Earlier Buzz or More Buzzing?

It's 2017 and brands are finding that by releasing Super Bowl brands early they're able to capture early brand lift. The advantage is that they're making themselves the thing to talk about before anyone is talking about Super Bowl Ads. This is being done in several different ways, from teaser releases, to communication of intentions (Snickers will be filming a live commercial w/ Adam Driver), to full-out commercial publications.

A question though, is this simply moving the buzz forward in time, creating added buzz overall, gaining some kind of competitive advantage being first to eyeballs, all, some or none? To essentially 'prolong the buzz' - one strategy brands could take is to release provocative ramp-up campaigns or teasers. Another thought is that they could release nothing visual, and simply state that they're going to do something amazing. But - it all comes down to the content. These strategies mean nothing without the right concept carrying them. If it wasn't a Star Wars superstar and instead the guy who played Jar-Jar Binks in 2001, we all might be a little less inclined to care...

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