Monday, February 20, 2017

Is a Tweak to Chrome's Search About to Upend Proximity Marketing?

Most likely yes, a tweak to the mobile chrome browser will enable nearby brick and mortar shops advertise to you phone. The article describes hidden code in the mobile web browser that for the time is dormant but can be activated across Chrome mobile browsers across iOS and android devices. Google would be activating search services that say

 "I know you want to search for something, so just in case what you seek is in your immediate environment, here is what's nearby. If not, go ahead and type your search term without interruption."
For brick and mortar retailers this would be welcome news because many of them struggle with creating micro moments in the store while their customers are on the phone. I am personally guilty of going into a retail shop and searching for the same item on Amazon for a better deal. If all works well for Google, their chrome browser could potentially replace some native apps. That is a big IF but never discount the big G.

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