Monday, February 20, 2017

Non-profits’ focus on email marketing

Non-profits struggle from securing a donor base. Millennials are increasingly donating less as they have disposable income, and larger donors requesting quantitative evidence of impact. This is not easy to show especially since outcomes of developmental projects tend to reap 3-5 years from project completion. Then what can non-profit marketers do to keep donors interested? Use email marketing. Start with building an interest and engage potential donors in a conversation. Introduce stories from the field to create emotional attachment. One way to create commitment is ask potential donors to sign a petition for your organization’s cause. Once a donation is made, follow up with emails showing progress. A good example is Charity:Water. These projects have a longer project timeline. Charity:Water sends automatic email updates to keep their donors informed and engaged. The point is to keep building the relationship. If your organization doesn't have outcomes yet, make sure to communicate your outputs.

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