Thursday, February 02, 2017

Digital Marketing Tools using Artificial Intelligence

Recently, I came across this article “5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Business in 2017” ( and I started wondering how artificial intelligence can provide specific help to advance digital marketing.

I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence, so I started googling for other digital marketing tools that use artificial intelligence to drive its function. And here are some of the unique digital marketing tools that I came up with, that small and medium-sized businesses can use to dramatically improve their digital marketing function:

  • GrowthBot ( – this is a free tool that attaches to HubSpot, Google Analytics and a dozen other systems to provide quick and convenient answers to questions such as: how was my organic traffic last week, what search keywords does rank for, show me SaaS companies in New York City
  •  Grid ( – this is a self-designing website tool (called Molly) that uses artificial intelligence to build tailor-made home for the content. Wix ( is another such tool.
  • EyeEm ( – this is a great photo curation tool that not only save curation time but also provides visual images consistent with the theme for te target customer. EyeEm can search catalog of 80 million images and find a selection of photos matching the desired visual style.
  • Instagress ( – this is a great bot that likes, comments, follows and unfollows you in Instagram and helps promote Instagram account. It does what is not possible to do 24x7.
  • AgilOne ( – analyzes tracking data to creates predictive customer profiles that can be used to engage customer across all channels.

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