Wednesday, February 22, 2017


In the insurance world a data breach, also known as a cyber attack, is considered the new "break and enter."  Today, businesses are more likely to experience a data breach as opposed to an actual burglary.  Cyber attacks first started making noise in the business community roughly 15-20 years ago.  The only businesses that had to be leery of a potential breach were businesses that held clients pertinent information, which is often referred to as P.I.I., personal identification information.  P.I.I. only included names, addresses, and social security numbers.  Hospitals, because of medical records, accounting firms, and law firms, were the three main targets.  

Today, the definition of P.I.I. has expanded, and technology has increased the likelihood of all businesses getting cyber attacked.  The rise in digital marketing has made it nearly impossible to dodge hackers weekly attempts to compromise or break into your system.  It's no longer just hospitals, accounting firms, and law firms that should be worried, it's literally any business that takes credit cards and stores records, whether you're a brick and mortar or based solely online.  I believe CMO's now find themselves in the tough position of not only trying to run and manage successful digital marketing campaigns, but also making sure they protect their clients and ensure trust in the on-boarding process. It's a tough job, but I think it will only get harder because the use and impact of digital marketing isn't going to slow down anytime soon, which will lead to more and more cyber attacks. 

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