Thursday, February 23, 2017

Linking Editorial to E-Commerce

Featured on MediaWeek recently was an article that discusses how MarieClaire magazine aligns its brand and influencers by linking editorial to e-commerce. The magazine underwent a transformation mid-2016 to bring on 13 influencers who have helped change the magazine's e-content strategy and in turn has managed to significantly grow their online traffic.

Media Week: Marie Claire links Editorial to E-Commerce

Marie Claire's website is driven by content. Everyday its editors update stories, different looks, etc. which further drives website traffic. As we have learned in class, it is important to update content on one's website as the frequency of updated content is one of the criteria that goes into Google searches, and is similar to blogging. By adding influencers to the marketing mix, Marie Claire has noticed that their offering is extended because all of the influencers have different aesthetics, thus appealing to different demographics.

In addition, this article and learnings in class have helped with a venture I am working on with a fellow classmate at CBS. We are building a marketing platform which aims to help local communities, products and services get noticed. We will be bringing niche, local businesses to mass market by using content marketing and data to connect customers with these businesses. After speaking with many small businesses, it seems they need help reaching a larger audience as they are just wearing too many hats at a time, such as production, finances, distribution, just to name a few. We want to help these businesses on the marketing and branding side by building content and stories around the businesses and entrepreneurs themselves. The digital marketing side of this class has been very helpful so far and I am excited to put these learnings into practice!

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