Friday, February 24, 2017

Is the gold rush to digital marketing finally backfiring?

In this article CNBC analyzes the creeping caution of executives (Specifically Procter & Gamble chief marketing officer Marc Pritchard) who are not heeding Mark Zuckerberg's motto to move fast and break things.

The article suggests that large firms like P&G might be distracted by new digital marketing techniques and benchmarks. Digital marketing executives are being influenced or lured by first move advantages that new technologies can provide. The article mentions Google and Facebook controlling 54% of the digital marketing spend. During class we mentioned how Google has dominated search and Facebook's imminent approach.

A huge issue with display ads is where these ads may end up on. For large companies its quite risky because their ads can potentially end up on questionable sites.

"unwittingly funding Islamic extremists, white supremacists and pornographers by advertising on their websites," 
"Funding of extreme websites is just one of a myriad of complex, opaque issues around digital marketing, it is not the issue, it's just one of them, and that's what's made this so complicated."
A brand affected by these issues is Jaguar who had suspended their digital advertising.

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