Saturday, February 04, 2017

How much are you willing to share when entering a stadium?

Kraft Analytics Group (KAGR), launched in May 2016 by Kraft Group which owns New England Patriots, started as a cloud-based platform that stores data and from three years ago regarding information about customer purchase history, open rates in email campaigns and anonymized data on website traffic. KAGR tracks and quantifies fan behaviors ranging from when fans buy game tickets, when the tickets are unused, to whether they read emails sent from the team.  Since 2013, the KAGR’s platform has allowed the NFL to capture anonymized data about which applications were used when fans’ mobile devices are connected to Wi-Fi the stadiums. KAGR’s CEO explains the underlying goal is to better understand the customers and provide a better experience. Through this effort, KAGR has been able to create a successful marketing campaign which generated over half a million customers. However, with a CEO saying “The Holy Grail is you want to know every person that’s been in your building (stadium) and you want to know every person who’s come to your website. And you want to have them as people that you can communicate with on a daily basis”, it is rather scary how all information is flowing just one way without customers necessarily being aware of how much they are being monitored. There should be some level of consensus of how much data customers are willing to share and how much communication is desired with KAGR.

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