Monday, February 20, 2017

Focusing on r/Frission

There are tons of websites out there (more and more every day), but reddit is still the first site I visit every morning.  It's where I go to get a pulse on what people are talking about, before that pulse is hijacked by more traditional sites.  

Sidebar: one of my proudest internet moments was grabbing the top spot on reddit's homepage for a day.  What can I say, my dad is quite the snow sculptor.

Recently, I've found myself getting into subreddits (niche threads) that relate to the work I market (technology, mobile, phones, etc.).  Lots of viral content and thoughts break on reddit, and my team and I are able to glean insights and inspiration that informs real-time social content creation.

My new favorite is r/Frission. "Frission" is french for "shiver".  It's defined as "a sensation somewhat like shivering, usually caused by stimuli other than cold. It is typically expressed as an overwhelming emotional response combined with goosebumps."

As such, all of the content on the Frission subreddit is emotionally-charged.  Video and still images and songs that can be universally felt.  It's made me think a lot about the feeling we should be striving for when we develop a brand persona, when we look to create an emotional connection between brand and customer, when we attempt (shutter) to make a "viral video".  We all share the things that touch us, that speak to our souls on some level.  

It's a great north star for digital marketing in an age where appealing to consumers' emotions drives business success.  I plan to continue mining r/Frission daily for the type of feeling brands should be pushing to understand--and recreate. 

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