Friday, February 03, 2017

Digital Marketing Survey of Startups

This article provides results of a survey posed to 55 startups across the UK, the US, and other nations, by a digital marketing strategist. While the results are clear that startups acknowledge the importance of digital marketing, there is a lack of strategy and planning and they do not appear to have the funds to invest the appropriate amount of capital in their digital strategy - only 8% of respondents indicated that they invest in an agency or consultant; most do it in-house despite not having the background. I think this is telling for anyone in business school who is looking to start up their own company: digital marketing is an important component of any business plan and if you don't have the capital to invest yourself, than you better have the background to be able to carry it out on your own. Finally, the article poses a question to marketing agencies - should they be creating a new business model that can address this untapped market?

The article includes charts and graphs that show the raw data in addition to the commentary. A quick read!

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