Thursday, February 02, 2017

Sloppy Fix By Facebook

On Jan. 31, Facebook announced it was going to try to give marketers a more accurate measurement of how ads on its site compare to other media (like television) through additional partnerships with third-party ad tech companies like Nielsen and Comscore.  It's the latest step in Facebook's ongoing response to allegations that it has been providing advertisers with misleading, inflated data. It's also a strategic play for a bigger share of ad dollars being spent elsewhere.

It's obvious that for some part of the ad industry, this is a welcomed move... it will be easier for them to explain the ROI of their digital spending, right?

But, given the controversy around how accurate the existing traditional data is (i.e. Nielsen ratings system), is this really an improvement?  Isn't it a bit like sandbagging a breach in the dam?   The announcement could even perhaps be perceived as a bit of a transparent move to pander to advertisers, extending existing flawed models that will allow advertisers to appeal to their clients, without actually creating any solutions that allow for a more accurate, transparent system.

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