Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mere exposure effect??

Mere exposure effect??

Mere exposure effect (Zajonc effect) is a famous psychological term. The concept of this term is that repeating exposure/contatcts increase favorability. Most of our friendship can be explained by this. This theory also can be applied to digital marketingd, generally speaking.

Acording to the The Nielsen Company’s report (2016), however, 17% of people have hated products and brands by watching digital advertisements. And 65% of the reason why they have hated was just because the same advertisement was displayed too many times. Of course, the best frequency depends on the nature of products/services and receivers. However, It is obvious that there is a certain kind of "balance" we have to be aware of. 

I think the tricky point behind this problem is that we have so many devices/chances to see digital advertisements. Personal PC, Office PC, personal mobile phone, office TV, screen at Times square, Home TV etc…. Even if the frequency of each device is designed to be moderate, the “total amount” could be a different picture. I believe this is one of the reasons why corporations try to track (potential) customers on individual basis, not device basis.

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