Saturday, February 04, 2017

Small Business Owners Are Missing Digital Fundamentals

Technology, specifically digital marketing, is lacking for most small businesses. Reasons for a lack of technology include: not enough capital, inexperience, and/or a bad strategy. I think most small business gradually improve in this category once their sales increase and they realize they can do better if they become better marketers.

This article does a great job laying out many issues small business owners face regarding their inability to take advantage of technology and digital marketing, such as facebook marketing and mobile payments. I think small business owners should do a good job researching their industry prior to launching or releasing their initial product. Through research and consumer trends, they should be able to identify the best marketing channels and approach to reach their ideal consumer. According to this article, only 25% of small business owners say keeping up with technology is a top concern this year. I imagine that those small businesses will have a much better chance to survive and eventually become profitable.

Article: Small Business Owners Are Missing Digital Fundamentals

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