Friday, February 24, 2017

Click to buy - Everywhere.

Social media platforms are critical for brand awareness, but now with embedded click to buy functionality growing, they also allow marketers to be where their customer is, available for purchase, when customers are demonstrating interest in the products or services.


Pinterest' Buyable Pins allow customers to buy a product they see directly in the platform and high average purchase prices make it particularly attractive. Instagram purchases have been clunky for advertisers, e.g. needing to manually update links to purchase in a bio. But Instagram is about to rollout a "Shop Now" button that will make it exponentially easier. Facebook is still standard ads taking users to another site for purchase, but businesses make 152% ROI with Facebook ads demonstrating user purchase interest.

The message from this article is that companies need to be EVERYWHERE to sell their products. Create an E-commerce site (no big deal) and spread it like wildfire. The article glosses over what this means for inventory management, distribution, and updating ads and buyable products across platforms as inventory sells out. If I were a small company with a new product or service, this would give me a little bit of anxiety. For them I would say power walk, don't run.

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