Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Will Facebook's $19B acquisition pay off? Look at WeChat..........

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19B in 2014 that had 600 million active users. The user base has doubled to 1.2B in just 2-1/2 years but WhatsApp is still a social messaging service without any advertisements.
How long can Facebook continue to support WhatsApp without monetizing the services?

WeChat, China's largest social app with 938 million users is profitable and now venturing into retail stores on their apps. WeChat is now venturing into e-commerce space by allowing users to buy retail goods from stores like Longchamp and Burberry.

Image result for burberry wechat
WeChat Snapshot
WeChat even allows money transfer to friends and retail stores using peer to peer payment system.

WhatsApp has been little late to the game but is now venturing into peer to peer payment system in India. It is trying to capture a big pie of the digital payment system in world's second most populous country. Everyone's eyes are on Facebook-WhatsApp now to watch the results of this step.




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